Supporting Robert Maull's Recovery

Our son, Robert Maull, was the victim of a brutal assault on February 28, 2008 in Cusco, Peru. Robert remained in a coma for the first six days. He is now able to talk and has all physical movement, but remains sedated in the ICU unit for his own protection, because his brain function is still very confused and he doesn't know where he is or why he needs to remain in the ICU and in bed. Robert suffered severe head injuries including two skull fractures, two brain contusions, a subdural hematoma, brain edema, and defuse brain lesions.

Robert's medical expenses alone (not including legal bills and his father's travel expenses) have already reached $15,000 (as of March 12th) and are continuing at a rate of about $350 - $500 per day. We do not know how much longer Robert will need to remain in the ICU or the hospital, but it could be several months.

We have set up this website for Robert's family and friends who would like to contribute a Medical Fund for Robert's care, follow Robert's progress and enjoy Robert's art. We sincerely appreciate all the concern, support, prayers and strong intention for Robert's recovery expressed by so many of you already.

If you would like to donate to Robert's Medical Fund, you can use the Chip-In feature at right which involves a PayPal transaction. This will not be a tax deductible donation.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please email me at: and I will send you the information on how to make a donation to a Community Foundation that will accept donations on Robert's behalf.

With love and appreciation,
Fleet Maull and Lola Solis de Maull (Robert's Parents)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Robert Improving in Montana

Dear Friends,
I apologize for taking so long to update you all on Robert's progress. I finally fell apart and came down sick with a bad cold/cough etc. I'm still trying to get over it.

Robert has been in Montana for over three weeks now. The first week was quite rough with Robert not wanting to be there at all. The second week was a little easier, but still very challenging. Just about a week ago things began to shift for Robert. He had refused to go to therapy the week prior but has now asked to schedule therapy appointments every day. He has also joined a health club where he is doing yoga and pilates. There are certainly still challenges, but Robert is improving steadily. This is obviously a great relief.

So Robert is seeing a speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist and psychotherapist weekly. Actually he sees the speech and occupational therapists two to three times a week. All this if of course costly, but nothing like what inpatient hospital care was costing.

I am hopeful that Robert will be okay with staying at the ashram and doing his therapies in Bozeman for as long as needed. He still verbalizes a very strong desire to get back to his projects in Peru ASAP though. We are just taking it day by day.

Lola and I want to express our most profound appreciation and thanks to all of you. Your love, concern and support have made a huge difference and allowed us to provide Robert with the care and support he needs.

I need to do a new accounting, but Robert's overall expenses have reached somewhere between $60,000 and $70,000 and we have raised approximately $30,000 through your wonderful generosity. Robert's current expenses are running about $3000 a month, which is much better than $3000 a day.

Please keep Robert in your prayers and meditation practice.

Love and blessings,
Fleet and Lola